Thursday, May 24, 2012


  Photo: Banda Aceh, Indonesia
Tsunami Aftermath (Click to enlarge)

The sun will rise. The tides will flow. The winds will blow. 

I will love; it’s the inevitable truth. This love shall spirit me away in a single, sweeping current. It will drown me, and it’s sweet, warm essence will fill my lungs and drive out all but love. This love may take me to another world; some special, uncharted territory. It may be a dark place, with danger lurking; love may wound me fatally. I may sacrifice everything, including my life. But I will not return to the life before love; my arms are too weak and my soul too fragile to fight against the ancient current of passion.

I must go with the flow.

For, what does a writer have if not passion; if not love? Such is a chef without an appetite; a photographer without a lens.