Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Photo Essay: Ghana

Photography by: Bruce Buursma- International Aid

Riding backwards on a motorcycle, camera in hand, filming the chaotic urban street scene. Great angle!

A little girl out to fetch water for her family.

Bruce and I with the local village elders and the chief.

Two beautiful children sitting in front of their house.

A group of kids gather at the local water pump.

Filming at a Sand production facility. The sand is used in the Hydraid Bio-Sand water filter to provide clean water for villagers.

Baby goats checking out my camera.

A village cook-out.

Happy and Beautiful.

Weighing myself at the airport. Didn't want to pay any excess fee's.

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DUTA said...

Superb pictures. I like especially the village cook-out, the girl in violet, and that of the girl carrying water on her head.