Monday, June 29, 2009

Safe in Samoa

I’ve just arrived, and already, it has been a long journey.

Having spent the last two days in flight (with one stopover in Los Angeles), I can feel my body grinding to a halt, slowly adjusting to the ever changing ebb and flow of my internal clock. I’m tired. My mind is telling me that it’s bed time, but as I walked off the plane, the sun permeates through my pores with unrelenting heat.

A bright yellow sign reads “Welcome to Samoa!”

Before coming here, I had no idea where Samoa was on the map. New Zealand and Australia were the closest geographical landmarks that could give me some sort of bearing as to where I am. I’ve been so busy before coming here that I never had the chance to open a map. I still have no idea where Samoa is located. But in a way, I kinda like not knowing.

The hotel that I booked isn't the greatest. No hot water. No internet. No food. No security. No curtains on my windows. Not even a toilet seat on my toilet. I guess I just have to do the “hover maneuver.” My toilet consist of a bowl—a big bowl! My room has three beds, though--and I don’t know why. I just hope I’m not supposed to be sharing with anyone.

Blogspot has crashed three times while I'm typing this--so I'm going to push publish before I lose everything again. I'll write more when I get to an area with better connection.

Be well,


TheChicGeek said...

Hi Ron :D Glad you made it safely. Sounds like another adventure in the making...LOL
Have a beautiful and safe trip!

Dan Denardo said...

Good to hear from you, man. Hang in there. Be safe.


Hillbilly Duhn said...

I've always been curious of Samoa... Maybe I'll find out more about it with you being there and showing/telling me about it. Cool Beans!

Have a very very safe trip Ron!

busycorner said...

and no munincipal wastewater treatment. Be careful of infection or typhus.


John said...

Is that the best hotel they've got in Samoa? Sounds so much like a third world country.