Monday, September 28, 2009

An Artist is Driven By Demons?

Photo by: Fernao Silveira
Filming in Downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil

The days are long and the nights, are just not long enough. Waking up, I'm lost--dazed and confused in a myriad of motion, scrambling for time, searching for reason, settling for the rhythmic beat of life behind a lens. Leaving my hotel room, I run through a gauntlet of vacationers, maids and matrons of wealth and fame. I hear them talk of Champaign wishes and caviar dreams, see the sparkle in their smile--and just when I thought I'd passed them all, another one bumps me from behind--too busy talking on his phone to see the man with the lens--a mere soul trying desperately to capture life thru film and glass.

A mere soul--that's exactly how I feel right now. Life is hectic. My schedule is taking me from one realm to another--an itinerary that stretches far beyond my wildest imaginations.It's daunting at times--but I'm not complaining.

William Faulkner once said, "An artist is a creature driven by demons. He doesn't know why they choose him and he's usually too busy to wonder why." Do you think he's right?

Blogger Note: I'm currently in Brazil. The country is absolutely amazing. I'm sorry I haven't had much time to post, but I do promise to write soon. I hope all is well with my dear readers.


LeSan said...

Nice to hear from you again!
To your question... I am an artist and I would say that the muses only become demons if you deny them expression.

The Rambler said...

Ron...excellent quote and maybe some think demons and others say hope for the opposite of that.

I hope Brazil treats you well. I've had some of my best employees from there! Most beautiful people and the most beautiful language. :)

Thanks for visiting me the other day...take it easy friend!!

I'm gonna look and see if you posted anything when you were out here in Hawaii.

Wander to the Wayside said...

This doesn't have anything to do with your question, "An Artist is Driven by Demons?", but I was struck when you said "a mere soul trying desperately to capture life thru film and glass". I've noticed that when I'm in photo mode, like when we went to the Chattanooga Nature Center, I get so into the photo op and possiblities of blog worthiness of the shot, that I forget to enjoy what I'm there to do - have fun or interact with who I'm with! And then I get home and put the photos on the computer, and I'm like "oh my gosh, look how much fun we had! Look at this, look at that, oh I didn't realize that I got a photo of THAT...".

And I'm thinking, now, how awesome it must be for YOU, to be the man behind the lens almost all the time , ("I'm lost--dazed and confused in a myriad of motion, scrambling for time, searching for reason, settling for the rhythmic beat of life behind a lens"). You must get a little spaced out, disoriented, looking thru that lens, and maybe don't realize the specialness or uniqueness of a shot until you are away from the moment and look at it in the rear view mirror, so to speak?

Gosh, that was a long rambling way to say that I'm looking forward to seeing your Brazil photos, especially of the people. Take a few minutes to enjoy the view from NOT behind the lens, as well!

Vera said...

Hi Ron. I'm not sure that I am 'driven by demons' but I do have a very unquiet mind, with the driving need to write about the work I do. It's always pulling at me, this need to create the written word. So is that a demon? This driving push to write the books, get the website re-written, do this do that.....
I empathize with you Ron. And just a thought: could this be changed around to say that one has a 'calling' which is a pre-ordained purpose to fulfil in this lifetime?
Thanks for the posting - it made me think. Take care.

Jay said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Brazil...

I left you an award on my blog!

John said...

Alas, how often people associate creativity with demon activity...

Some do indulge in the occult and induce creativity through that, but I believe that most artists and artisans are merely driven by their own creativity, bestowed upon them when they are born and when they are growing up.

Deboshree said...

Hey Ron!
Didn't get time to come and say thanks. Thanks for dropping by my blog but I would have followed you whether you did drop by or not. I simply love the way you write. You are a lovely soul and I simply love reading everything you write.

Artists are not driven by demons..they are driven by what they are gifted with and what they really feel happy doing.You do what you do coz deep down you must be loving it. Artists do what they have to do coz that is their life, their identity.

Have a good stay my dear friend.


The Demigoddess said...

Hey Ron! We're all glad to hear from you. I'm excited to see your Brazil photos. Could you also post pics of girls in bikinis? Thanks.

P.S. Your demons have taken you to places the rest of us can only wish for. So I guess some demons are good, regardless of the name.