Thursday, December 24, 2009

And So This Is Christmas

Photo: A night time salesman selling what he tells me are "Christmas Balloons" in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam.

It's 3AM, and on the eve of Christmas, I'm awake--twisting and turning, slowly adjusting to time zones of days past. Arriving home a mere 72 hours earlier, my mind slowly grinds to a halt--no longer fueled by fear, aided by adrenaline. I'm at ease today. For the first time in almost six weeks, I'm not under pressure to perform, I can be myself, find an equilibrium, breathe, and for some reason, the world just seems perfect right now.

I've yet to start Christmas shopping--nor have I thought of what to get for whom or where to go to get exactly what. And that's just fine by me. I feel great. I'm happy to be home--to sleep on my bed again, to feel winter's breeze against my face.

I stopped to get fuel earlier today at a nearby station--and as I stood there admiring a set of ornamental lights glistening before me, a realization came to mind. A smile whisked across my face.

And so this is Christmas--I thought to myself. Audible sounds of bells danced in the distance.

Driving off, I continued to ponder the realities of my world--where I'd been and who I've become. An entire year had come and gone, and like a soldier marching to the beat of a wooden drum, I've returned home. Simple and surreal, after traveling, home is where I'd longed to be--which at this very moment, nothing else really matters.

So today I'll start my Christmas shopping, weave my way through chaotic crowds, park afar and dodge some traffic. I might even stop for a treat...or two. Life is good...

...and so this is Christmas--and I'm home.

Blogger Note:
Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope the festive season brings joy and happiness to you and your family--and remember: Faith is what makes all things possible, Hope makes all things work, and Love is what makes all things beautiful. Cheers to you and yours!


Dan said...

Merry Christmas, good friend. I'm glad you're home. I missed you.

Deboshree said...

I'm glad that you are home!

Have fun Ron.

Merry merry christmas to you. God bless you my dearest friend and have a beautiful christmas.

Cheers and enjoy ^_^


Manju said...

home just in time for christmas huh :)
Merry xmas to you *hugs*

TheChicGeek said...

Ron, I think you being home is the Christmas present! :)))
I wish you the Merriest Christmas ever filled with love and fun, friends, all things delightful!
Good to have you home, Friend :)
Love to you, Ron!
Merry Christmas!

Ava said...

home is the best place for Christmas. Enjoy, Ron.

Vera said...

I hope you enjoy your time of recuperation, Ron. Glad to see you safely back.

Anonymous said...
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Deboshree said...

Hey Ron,

I can't send the links through facebook. There seems to be a problem.

Here are the blog links-

Stay well my dear

chemist said...


Ah, I know the feeling well. Traveling sure is fun but the best destination of all is home sweet home! Relax, enjoy and soak in all the Holiday has to offer.

Just curious, are you able to sleep much on long-haul flights? I am sadly unable to master the fine art of sleeping while in flight so when I get to where I am going, I often arrive exhausted. Just one of the problems with international trips, I suppose. But at least once I've recovered, I can then enjoy the benefits of seeing new places! It's just the getting there that bothers me!!

Anyhoo, Merry Christmas!!!

Traveling Chemist

Zoe said...

Thanks for the note/comment on my blog! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas at home with your family & friends. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and safe 2010! Best, Zoe

Small Footprints said...

I hope your holidays have been wonderful! Isn't that "I'm where I belong" feeling just great?

I'm wishing you all kinds of happiness and joy in 2010 ... and wonderful surprises around every corner!

Small Footprints

The Rambler said...

How did I miss all these posts??

It's past...but I love this post.

And so this is Christmas for me became watching the absolute joy in my daughters eyes this season. Her first to understand and enjoy and communicate.