Monday, September 20, 2010

Press of a Button

Photo: A lone man sits underneath a tree in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

"I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it." -Ansel Adams

A man once told me that by becoming a photographer, I'd be throwing my life away. He looked into my eyes, put his hands on my shoulders and said it straight to my face--point blank. He called me a fool, a lost--unguided soul. "Anyone can press a button," he said. I was in eighth grade at the time.

I wish he'd see me now--throwing my life away head first--pressing buttons for a living-while getting paid to do it.

I don't know why I'm telling you this, but today, this was all I could think about. I guess, when you're stressed and down to your very last drop of sanity, you find ways to dig deep into the depths of your soul--looking for something to hang onto.

At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter--does it? It doesn't matter who you've proven wrong or how many hurdles you had to jump through to get to where you are. I guess, all that really matters is that you're there, right?

Sometimes, I often wonder if all I do is "press a button--" because I'm sure there are many that believe just that.

And the sad part'll never change'em.

Note: Shot above was taken while sitting in the back of a moving pick-up truck going 30 miles per hour...just sayin' :)


Dan said...

Hey Bro,

Great post.

When I was down to my last drop of sanity were there for me. I'm very grateful for that. Don't know what I'd do without ya.....

The New Dan

ps - super shot

Carolyn said...

Ron, I think your pictures push a lot of other peoples' buttons too. Your work speaks volumes... don't ever let anybody tell you otherwise. You rock, man!!!

Searching Soul said...

Hi Ron. Just keep pushing those buttons. It doesn't matter if you will change other people's lives or not...what's important is you change yours for the better everytime you do.

I love your post.

Katherine said...

Oh how wrong those people are!!! You do so much more than just press a button Ron & anyone who would take the time to read your blog & view the world as you've seen it & experienced it ... would see the empathy & the humanity that resides in you. I wouldn't pay any mind to thoughts of soothsayers you just keep seeing the world through your lens..this is obviously what you were born to do because you do it so very well.

canadasue said...

you are one of my favourite visual story-tellers... thank you for your "sight" a gift perhaps, like the delphic oracle, your images will give many direction... and forward momentum.
THANK YOU for believing in the truth of your vocation... and proving it!

Deboshree said...


I'll tell you something. The other day I read about the documentary you did with Dan (No Fixed Address) and you know what, after reading about it, I got inspired to get back to my social work as soon as possible. What you do is called constructive work in its truest sense.

Ron, you are making a difference. You had the guts to make a life out of what you love. You give people hope and don't you think that's the best possible thing a human can ever do? For me, it is and that is why I'll say this- find that hope inside you and hold onto it because I know it's there.

And yes, at the end of the day, all that matters is that you are living your life the way you wanted to, doing what you have always wanted. That's a blessing babe and I'm very proud of you.

Much love and hugs,

Lorna said...

Sorry Ron, that guy was an idiot (don't hate me!). Every person who presses that button also takes that photo from his/her own point of view. I was on a site yesterday where children (even younger than eighth grade!) were taking pictures of each other, and noticed how different one kid's pics were, they were striking. All because she was taking them from her POV, her angle (well they were kids so they were from a lower angle) which made it fascinating and different. I love your man under a tree photo. You of all people capture people's humanity and that makes for great photography. I have always marveled at how your talent/skill blesses the world!!!

Ron said...

I don't know what to say....but thanks to each and everyone of you for your very kind words. Too bad the world isn't just full of friends like you! I know it would be a better place if it did.