Sunday, November 21, 2010

Life is Good

Photo: A little boy enjoying his bowl of noodles--down to the very last drop

I was in my home town of Windsor, Ontario this weekend to visit my parents--and like most weekends at home, I like to take the time to visit our local temple. While talking to friends and local elders, I couldn't help but to notice a little boy enjoying his bowl of noodles. In his own little corner, he confined himself to his bowl--slurping, twirling, spinning and chewing to his heart's content. His use of the chop-stick could make fools out of Iron Chef's. And with every gulp of broth and succulent string of noodle--he finished off with an audible "aaaahhhhh" followed with a smile to showcase his remaining two-front teeth.

Life is definitely good--down to the very last drop.


Nehal said...


Javier said...

My friends always tell me that I enjoy food more than anything else in this world, and they're probably right. Pasta is my favourite, and I will have to agree with this little boy here: "aaaahhhhhhh"

Hope all's well?

Cheers, Ron!

chemist said...


Greetings from Wafra, Kuwait. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I saw your note (the one you just left on my blog and then the one appended to a posting on your blog which you made way back in March) that said you were over here in Kuwait but, after searching your recent postings, I could not locate any of the photos you captured while in this country. Just curious: how was your experience here in Kuwait and did you ever feel hindered or inhibited anyway in taking pictures??

Traveling Chemist

floreta said...

hi Ron!
I'm glad you're enjoying life, and love the metaphor with the picture :)