Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fotog Fashion 101

Photo by: Bruce Buursma
Current Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada / 42° 19′ 60 N, 83° 1′ 60 W

OK... so maybe I'll never grace the pages of GQ or strut on the cat-walks of Paris or Milan, but at least by the time I trade-in my Sony for a walking cane I'll have mastered the art of Fotog Fashionilla. Sure there's a stampede of fashion critics who would highly disagree with my self proclaimed trend setting skills, but one thing I've learned from all my years of shooting is that no one really cares about the way you look. One can be sporting a pair of yellow sweat pants with a matching Michael Jackson tee shirt without causing the slightest of chatter (attempt at your own risk). So with that being said, I now proclaim myself as the official Fotog Fashion Guru! Thank you.

Lesson #1: The Shirt

Yup, it's all in the shirt. What you decide to wear below the waist is secondary to anything else above it. Patterns, designs, logos or slogans really doesn't matter, especially when you're in the field. Got an old Hawaiian shirt you've been hiding in the closet? What about your old Backstreet Boys t-shirt from 1999, or that colorful one you bought in Toronto during Pride week? Oh I know, remember that psychedelic one you wore in the 60's? Right on, dude!

Most times, depending on the geographical locale that you're in, the natives either can't read, or can't tell the difference between Jerry Springer or Mr. Bean!

But regardless of what it says or who it shamelessly depicts, your shirt of choice must be comfortable, breathable, and down right durable. My top pick is the Columbia Titanium series. Close to fifty bucks a pop, these shirts are specially tailored for the outdoor enthusiast. Equipped with Omni-Dry technology, it's capable of repelling moisture, rain, and heat. Yup, heat! Approved by the American Skin Cancer Foundation, it offers a UPF 30 protection--making it almost the equivalent to wearing an extra layer of sun screen. Combine that with its ability to wick off body moisture--this shirt is a must have for all world travellers. And that's not all, it even has a Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty! Do any of your shirts offer this kind of quality assurance? Probably not. I never leave home without the 4 of these that I own--and it's the only shirt I wear when I'm shooting in remote locations.

And just for the record Kyle, it does not come in plaid...


DUTA said...

There's an american company REI ( recreational equipment) and they too have cool shirts of various brands - specially tailored for the outdoor enthusiasts.

Ron said...

I must check them out...Im always interested in clothing...

John said...

Thanks Ron for sharing about this shirt. I never knew anything much about shirts. Will try to get a similar technology material (Omni-Dry) for my outdoor running and training.

Anonymous said...


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