Friday, January 16, 2009

The Daunting Problems of Our World

Video by: Ron Sim,csc/Broadcast Authorized Only On This Site
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Like all humans, I fear. Fear for the unknown and the unexplained--a constant and daily struggle to find meaning, rhyme and reason to some of the worlds most daunting problems. Climate change, lack of clean water, food, shelter, and disease. Through my travels, I've used my camera as a backstage pass to the world--hiding behind it, shielding myself from darkness and beauty, pain and reward. Filtered by glass, feeding on light; my life is a mirror of my work, a cinematic genre of my own.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Lost in an ever flowing stream of thoughts--weaving thru a gauntlet of fear and trepidation. All the while, the world spins and turns, pivoting ever so cautiously as it tries to hold on--much like that of its inhabitants.

I fear not for what we've done as a society in the past, but more so, for what we do as individuals in the future. The solutions must come from each and every one of us. We all have a role to play.

Thanks to my current employer, I've been able to volunteer my cinematography services with International Aid, a Christian relief organization that specializes in providing clean water, medical, and sanitation to some of the worlds poorest people. The following, as little as it may be to help solve our problems, is a glimpse at some of my most recent work to help spread the awareness for clean drinking water. I hope you enjoy. For more information, please visit the International Aid website.


Anonymous said...

Ron, you leave me speechless. I am so blessed to have discovered your blog. What noble work you are doing. Beautiful.

Sandy said...

Ron, great work...look forward to our next project. Sandy

Bruce said...

What a gift you are to International Aid and to the cause for safe water. And what a beautiful gift you have been given by God who has endowed you with the deepest kind of vision and compassion, which shines through your work and your art.
It's an honor to work alongside you on these projects.

DUTA said...

Let's hope there won't be shortage of water anywhere in the world.

( I like the blue and white kettle in the hands of the small boy. A washing machine will hopefully
be he next modern item).

Dan Denardo said...

Ron, you and I both know that the camera(and the artist holding it) can change behavior. There is no better example of that than this post. Your work will and IS changing behavior. How cool is that? Makes for a good life.

"Those who have changed the universe have never done it by changing officials, but always by inspiring the people." - Napoleon

You're inspiring us, man.

Cheryl said...

If only I could wake up every morning knowing I would be making a difference in the world..

Hillbilly Duhn said...

You're definetly correct in saying that we each must do our part. I just wish that more people would do more.

But, the reality of it is, that most people will sit on their couch and assume that somebody else is taking care of it, and that's terribly sad.

Modern-day-Holly said...

Beautiful words, beautiful video! You've got the talent and youre using it to make a difference. Great job. =)

Maggie May said...

well done, beautiful and true.

Kern said...

I know that feeling you get from behind the camera, it's a comfortable place, a separation from the event you're there to record. Kudos to you for your work helping the whole.

Ron said...

Carol- Thank you. I'm glad I've found yours as well. Thanks for the pictures today!

Sandy- I'm looking forward to working with you also. Let's keep this momentum going.

Bruce- What can I say? You're my right hand man out there in the field. That reporter lifestyle is still embedded within you! You rock!

Duta- I always love recieving your comments. Always positive, Thank you!

Dan- Few will ever understand the work we do. I guess trying to explain it inspires people in the process,which is kinda cool. But I couldn't have done it without support from friends and family like you! Thank you!

Cheryl- You make so many differences in the world every single day. Ever time I read your blog I smile and my day is better because of it, thanks to you! So yes, you do make a difference...more than you think.

Hillbilly- Sometimes just getting someone to consciously think about doing something for the better good of all is all we can ask for. The thought of it counts too. But I know what you mean. We all have to inspire one another. Thank you for reading.

Modern-day-Holly- Thank you. I'm glad you came to visit my blog. I hope you continue to do so.

Maggie- Thank you for your kind words.

Kern- Thanks for visiting. Your right, that feeling behind a camera is amazing. I can only hope my work will do justice to the stories I'm trying to tell.

John said...

¡Bien hecho, el amigo! Sigue así. ¡Dios le bendice!

Bien fait, l'ami ! Maintenir le bon travail. Dieu vous bénit !

Gut gemacht, Freund! Erhalten Sie die gute Arbeit aufrecht. Gott segnen Sie!

Bene fatto, l'amico! Mantenere il buono lavoro. Dio la benedice!

Goed gedane, vriend! Hou het goede werk bij. God zegen u!

Bem feito, amigo! Mantenha o trabalho bom. O deus abençoa-o!

Хорошо сделанный, друг! Поддержите на высоком уровне хорошую работу. Да благословит вас Господь!

Godt gjort, venn ! Hold på det gode arbeidet. Gud velsign deg !

Matteah said...

Ron, thank you for capturing through your pictures all that has been in my heart and have been unable to express. I hate taking pictures when I'm traveling because of how it separates me from the experience. But I can't express enough my gratutide to you for documenting some of that journey for all of us.

floreta said...

as more and more natural resources become scarce, i have often wondered if there will be wars over water... things like the nile. and other areas where water comes from a major source...