Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Food For Thought...So I Thought

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For those who truly know me, know that I eat everything and anything! My passion for food rivals my passion for photography. I truly live to eat. Yum!

From best to bestest:

Hyderabad, India. This sign cracks me up.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The best food ever in South America. Beef, beans, salsa, peppers, and onions.

Mumbai, India. This is breakfast in India. It came with two spoons, so I ate with both. If this doesn't wake you up, I don't know what will. The rich curry flavor explodes in your mouth. The weird part though: the whole restaurant had no lights so we had to eat in the dark.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Cow tail noodle soup. Breakfast of champions in South East Asia. Rice noodles, cow tail, beef balls, bone marrow, bean sprouts, mints.

Bangkok, Thailand. Tom Yum Soup. This is awesome! It's truly one of my favorite soups in the world. Shrimp (with heads on), princess mushrooms, squid, green tomatoes, mints, chives.


Takeo City, Cambodia. Bug Buffet. Deep fried grasshoppers, locus, roaches, etc. Makes for a good snack while traveling.

Skoun, Cambodia. Fried tarantula. Marinated with salt, sugar, pepper, spices. The legs I like, but the body explodes like a grape.

Taipei, Taiwan. Cow brain soup. DELICIOUS!

Temale, Ghana. Fresh fish on the grill. Wasn't invited for dinner, but my friend Bruce got the shot for me. Looks yummy.

Kandahar, Afghanistan. Meals Ready to Eat (MRE). Notice the Guinness coaster I stole from the hotel in Dubai? Yah, a cold one would've been nice to wash it down.


Erin Alberty said...

I made cow brain soup for lunch on Tuesday!

Awesome food pics. I like the MRE!

Cheryl said...

Wait, I think I need to throw up.

Muse said...

this post definately helps me with my Did we have some grasshopper for the road?

Ew on the tarantula, i saw a show once about how those in south america i think it was, eat tarantula in the jungle. They would squirt out the eggs to cook in a leaf and then scrape off the hairs and pluck the legs and eat the body like a hamburger

and yet somehow, they don't need any therapy

Jay said...

I would starve in Cambodia and Taiwan.

Indrayani aka, Indi! said...

Please tell me you were kidding when you said you eat all that...
I have to admit I would rather die than eat the thai and cambodian and chinese items you said..
I mean.. insects!! and wats tarantula anyways....?!!! and cow tail...and cow brain...
I am you can imagine!!!!!

Random Hiccups said...

mmm. Yeah, I don't like food that much. And I really like food.

Bon Don said...

WOW! That's extreme eating...and I was so proud of myself for eating fish last night, now I feel sooo behind!

*Bon Don*

The Demigoddess said...

Have you eaten "balut" (nearly developed duck embryo)? Eating balut is cake compared to the bug buffet.

Ugh. I just puked in my mouth. Excuse me....

Ron said...

Erin: You seriously made cow brain soup at home? That's awesome!

Cheryl: Don't be silly, it's all perception I tell ya! All perception. Its not THAT bad!

Muse: Contrary to popular beleif, tarantula is a very good source of protien.

Jay: Cambodia and Thailand have "normal" food too, you'll be fine.

Indi: Ouch, I'm sorry for ruining your apptetite. And yes, I've eaten all those things I've pictured. I don't mind them at all.

Hiccups: Come on, I'm sure you'll enjoy a few bowls of brain cow...don't they have those in SA?

Bon Don: Get with the program, girl! Fish is so 1980's!

Demigoddess: Yes, I have tried Balut! I didn't have a godo experience with it though. I'm going to post a youtube video of me eating one for you. Stay tuned.

Hillbilly Duhn said...

Explain beef balls...That could be in reference to ground beef made into balls, or simply balls of the cow.

I'd have to say, I'd be willing to try all of it, I'm not squeemish, but I don't know if I'd make it through all of it.

Eating in the dark? Really. Maybe it was to keep you from knowing exactly what you were eating?? That's a little scary.

Ron said...

Hilly Billy: Beef balls are simply beef rolled into balls...but the meat is more processed, so it's not actually grounded meat. It's more packed, but its really yummy!

The Indian restaurant was weird because they had a room with light and a room without light...My translator decided to bring to the room without light...I don't know why...I never ask, I just go with it.

John said...

Hey, food lover, all the things here seems ok to me, since I'd tried most of it too.

But please tell me you had tried dinuguan, a Filipino dish made of pig's liver. If you had, then you are truly a certified Xtreme food lover.

Dan Denardo said...

Dude, you have got to be kidding me. Bug buffet? WoW! We need to chat. I need to hear about this in person. I'd buy the bugs to catch fish.

jlc said...

Omg I HEART indian food but this is extreme.

Hhaah. Awesome blog!!

jlc said...

PS my husband's Taiwanese and he eats some crazy things too!

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