Sunday, February 28, 2010

Two Column's of Fame

Cinematographer Heading to Haiti
By Ted Shaw--The Windsor Star

February 26, 2010

Windsor's Sarorn (Ron) Sim is donating his talent with a camera to relief efforts in Haiti.

The 29-year-old filmmaker will volunteer his services to record the efforts of several Non-Government Organizations, or NGOs, in the earthquake-ravaged country.

The film will then be turned over free-of-charge to the NGOs for promotional and fundraising use.

Sim is employed by Dow Chemical of Midland, Mich., to shoot films around the world. When his travels take him to Third World countries or places reeling from disaster, he offers his services to local NGOs.

"I'm not a doctor or a medical worker," said Sim.

"But I have a talent and this is how I can make a difference."

A native of Cambodia, Sim was just five when he immigrated with his family to Windsor in 1985. He attended J.E. Benson elementary school and W.D. Lowe high school before studying cinematography at Oakville's Sheridan College.

Since graduating, Sim has worked for Discovery Channel and CTV in Canada, and currently freelances for BBC-TV. His film work has aired on documentary specials on the National Geographic channel and Discovery Canada, as well as news outlets around the world.

His film has also won awards, and recently footage he shot for an NGO in India was nominated for a prize from the Canadian Society for Cinematographers.

This weekend, Sim will travel to Honduras to document the work of the Central American Medical Outreach organization.

The day after arriving back home, on March 10, Sim will head to Haiti's tent cities in Port-au-Prince, where he'll record the efforts of Michigan-based Pure Water for the World, a group which donates water purification units.

"I want to use my camera to tell stories that affect people," Sim said.

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Katherine said...

A wonderful story for a wonderful man working for a wonderful cause! Just wonderful Ron!

Deboshree said...

I'm so proud of you Ron! I truly am! Keep up the great work!
You have the talent to reach out and make a difference. Don't stop sweetheart, ever!

Much love

Wander to the Wayside said...

And how many posts have you written wondering if you've followed the right path with your photography?

Dan said...

Good one, W2W. I'll 2nd that!


canadasue said...

Thank you for serving the "Common Good" in such powerful ways Ron.

floreta said...

wow, incredibly proud of you. and just got a little intimidated on your resume :) if i could only be half as great as you! at helping people...

Vera said...

And you don't think you have a purpose in life? Of course you do: it is there in the article! But your humility stops you from being able to recognise your special skills, and that, I think, is a wonderful gift for you because it stops you from becoming too full of pumped up ego, which would really spoil both you, your work, and the way in which you view our world.

Lorna said...

I love that you do your job with heart; it touches so many people. I love when you bring the world to us. Be well Ron!