Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Video Blog: Land of Contradictions

Video Note: Please excuse the quality of this video. It is by no means a professionally done piece. I'd like to try something new so I shot this with a flip cam and edited on my laptop.

Video Transcript:

So I've been here for almost three weeks now, and no matter how I look at India, it is to me, a land of contradictions, of darkness and beauty, pain and reward--to those who call her home and those who come here to seek a profound understanding of the world upon her shores.

This is my fourth assignment in India in less than three years--and every time I'm here, I am forced to become someone I am not, someone who--in the midst of trials and tribulations on everyday life, some how, finds it extremely difficult to survive in India being the person that I am groomed to be. The clothing I wear, the hue of my skin--and even the whiteness of my teeth makes me different. The way I walk, eat, sleep, and look at people clearly dictates that I am an outsider. The fact that I am a photographer pointing an unknown object in people's faces is only a fragment of what divides me and India. And to me, it makes me uncomfortable.

I am always one to believe that the world is one. A mere microcosm of our universe abundant with people and beings that define the very essence of our planet. And no matter how unique or different we are from one another, I believe that our dreams are many, yet our goals are one--and because of that, I keep telling myself that the discomfort I am feeling is merely a phase and as the days go by, with every sunset and and sunrise, that feeling would slowly dissipate.

Sadly, after three weeks, it hasn't.

Being here takes your breath away--literally and metaphorically. The sights and sounds of everyday life here is enough to wake your senses--but the poverty and struggle of most Indians that live in the most sordid conditions is enough to wish you were only dreaming. With every one thing beautiful includes an equal amount of a reality that holds no mercy on what is opposite to beauty.

The divide is unmeasurable. The rich and poor, the new and old, the normal and the paranormal all collide in a sea of unforgiving truth that speaks a language I cannot understand.


I am here for one more week to finalize my assignment--upon which I will be heading back to Haiti for my second tour. I hope this finds you well and I apologize for not having the chance to write more often. Lately, my days have been starting early and ending late--but I do manage to update via Facebook with a few lines ever so often. Please feel free to join me and follow me via Facebook.


taxitalk said...

Dude, totally part of being an artist, that thing that's opposite for beautiful. Love it!

Lorna said...

So true taxitalk; the recurring thought I had throughout this piece was that you have the heart of a poet. Love that we are all one.

Berta said...

Sarorn...very nicely done. The rustic camera work only adds to the tone, mood and artistry of the piece. Your words are tender, truthful and kind and that also adds to the beauty of the clip.
Your clip showcases nicely the world inwhich you currently find yourself
Nicely done Ron..
Stay Safe

chemist said...


Well done!! Both the video and the accompanying narration were excellent! Maybe when you have time, you can share some details on you living conditions in India (hotel or what?).

Traveling Chemist

Vera said...

Wonderfully flowing piece - your voice and narration were very skilfully done, such that I have become more acquainted with India through you. You continue to expand my world.

Katherine said...

Hi Ron .. what a fabulous video. It is so nice to put a voice to your face.
The work you do is amazing and it's so important to share with the world what life is like for others.
Unfortunately for most of us we live in a world of 'out of sight out of mind'
Your work will hopefully open the hearts, minds & eyes of some of us whom may walk around with blinkers on.