Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It's just before 4am and I'm still awake. The ambiance from my laptop brightens up my entire room, casting shadows of me on my empty walls--reminding me of how the moon glistened over the South Pacific on a clear, breezy night.

From afar, I remember seeing the waves rolling in, faintly losing its force as it merely reached the shores. And like a child waiting for his turn on the swing, I smiled to myself, saw the ebb and flow of rolling tides, much like the kinetics of a child swinging through the air.

So tonight, I'm smiling to myself, yet again. And like the moving tides that slowly crept ashore, I've returned home. I'm healthy and I'm well. My assignment, despite challenging times on both physical, mental, and technical fronts, can now be proclaimed as a successful mission. I've found that image I had set out to capture, and now, I'm back to let my body, mind, and soul catch up with life itself.

I said hello to my car today. Ate my mom's 5 course home cooked meal. Took a shower with water I can safely swallow. And as I'm typing this, I'm trying to fall asleep on a bed that I can proudly call 'mine.'

And after reading back on my posts and going through all the comments that you have left, I thank you for your support, your well wishes and your encouragement. It meant the world to me while I was out there. From Facebook messages to emails and blog comments, you were my lifeline with unrelenting support. Thank you.

I will be resting for the rest of the week and through the weekend. Come Monday, it's back to the corporate grind--planning yet again, my next mission.

Count down to next assignment: 3 weeks.


The Demigoddess said...

Hi Ron. It felt like only a few days ago when you said you were going on assignment again..and now you're back. I'm glad to know you're home safe and sound...Pictures?

TheChicGeek said...

What a lovely homecoming :)
Welcome back!

Javier said...

Welcome back, Ron! I hope you stay put for a while! haha


Sarah, The New Girl said...

enjoy your well deserved rest :) and try to get some sleep!! you would think you'd be out after a mom 5 course meal!!!

Julie said...

So happy to hear you are back safely! Can't wait to see you Monday!

SearchingSoul said...

I know how it feels like sleeping on hotel beds being used by countless people before you. Even if my travels are far comfortable than yours, I know how it feels to be home again.

It's recharging time. Hope you make the most of it, to prepare you for your next ravel.

Dan Denardo said...

Glad to have you back, man!

John said...

Bro, glad that you're back :)

What??? 3 weeks only? Are your employers some form of demented torture-masters or what?

Hey, I really wonder how does your mom's 5 course home cooked meal looks like... must be good and healthy :)

Ava said...

Ron: have a great time with your family in Canada!