Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lonely Traveler

Photo: Filming on the lava fields of Samoa.
Current Location: On Assignment in Melbourne, Australia

On this journey, I've seen stars fly graciously through the night, felt the warm-tropic breeze flicker the hair on my arms, saw sunset and sunrise, and watched in rapture as the moon glistened brightly above the ocean floor. I listened to the waves as it crashed ashore, saw the rolling tides go back and fourth--and like the rhythmic beat of my heart, it played its tune in perfect harmony.

I've seen night for day and day for night. I've witnessed my world flipped inside out, felt the winds of change, heard the cry of an infant soul, and even touched the hands of an angel--only to realize that it wasn't yours.

Closing my eyes to savour the moment, I'd lose myself in the vast abysses of space and time, journey through hell and back, and silently fall to my knees. But when I open my eyes, I'd see the world in all its beauty, find myself in here and now, present and future all before me.

So with every step and every breath, every minute of every day, I dream of you. And like the stars that linger in the sky, like the raindrops that fall from heaven above, he is watching--you and I.

Which is why on this journey, and every journey, I can see the world unlike any other. I see mountains move, rivers flow and streams collide. I see love and lust, life and laughter. I see beauty where I least expect, find happiness when all is frail. But no matter where I am or what I see, how I feel or who I meet--without you, life is empty--like the wind that howls in the void, the darkness that fill my midnight hours.

"I've seen fire and I've seen rain. I've seen sunny days I thought would never end. I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend, but I always thought I'd see you again." -James Taylor


Dan Denardo said...

Amazing post, man. Extraordinary. Travel safe.

Kelvin Oliver said...

I really like this post. You really describe your location or at least what it is like where you are at. It surely sounds quite the adventure.

Rhiccups said...

It must be so lonely doing what you do. I can't imagine being so far away from my loved ones even doing something I love so much.

Safe Travels Ron. My prayers are with you.

SearchingSoul said...

There is something beautiful but hard to explain in every lonely travel I take. I am grasping for words but you wrote perfectly about it like it's as simple as breathing. You are amazing, Ron.

floreta said...

i just love your writing.

Cheryl said...

Aw, my life is empty without you too! Of course, you refused to have dinner with me over the internet, so you can just eat my dust.

Hillbilly Duhn said...

That rocked. I love it when you write posts like these.

Sarah, The New Girl said...

another beautiful post :)

TheChicGeek said...

Beautiful words, Ron. You are one lucky and blessed man!
Stay safe!

Small Footprints said...

Wow! That was such a powerful, poignant post ... really beautiful! With those few words ... you said so much!

Hey ... hope you get to spend some R&R time in Hawaii!

Take Care!

Small Footprints

Javier said...

you never, never cease to amaze me with your pictures and your words... it's always a great pleasure to drop by your blog. I'm so glad I've found this place!

Bon voyage!

Anonymous said...