Monday, December 29, 2008

2008: A Year in Pictures

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After writing my journal entry entitled Language of Light, I sat there, alone in my hotel room, amazed at my ability to some how conjure up words to express how I felt that day. Sometimes, I spend hours on this blog--reading my own writing, wondering what had inspired me to type in an alphabetical harmony of thoughts--transcribing my every emotions into a symphony of lyrical prose. I'm definately not a writer, nor do I talk like this in person--and please beleive me, I'm not boasting. I'm sorry if it sounds that way; but John, a loyal blog reader had commented the other day on my 'excellent English' and asked 'where did it come from?' My response: Passion.

You see, growing up in a Cambodian house hold, my brother and I were forced to speak our native Cambodian dialect whenever we were home. A smack on the butt or the crack of a chopstick to the arm would signify a violation of my father's Linguistic By Law #1: No English Allowed. And after a series of mis-demeanor's and run-ins with the language police, I was forever changed--English at school by day, Cambodian at home by night. But in reflection, I'm glad they instilled in us such a strict balance of culture in our lives. They made me realize how enriched my life is; full of differences and distinctions, a myriad of east and west together to form the center of who I am today...

Which really doesn't explain why I write, nor does it reveal my desire to sit here at night in front of a glaring computer screen, forever ashamed by a blinking cursor. But what it does tell you, I think, is my undying need to share what I see, to feel the emotions that fulfill my soul, and to pass along an image that God has given me the ability to capture--fleeting moments of beauty that define humanity.

Through my lens, I see the world in a series of snapshots; tranquil and vivid, much like the sensors that absorb light in my camera. And like the medium that I carry, what I capture is destined to be shared--destined to be screened by eyes that appeal to my flavor. It's not a matter of writing or posting, typing or publishing, no, but rather, the mere fact that I'm obligated to give a voice to the people I capture, the silent eyes that stare into my lens.

Lately, I've come to the conclusion that life is not all about finding love or finding success in what you do--nope--it's all about finding you, finding yourself! And when you do find yourself, you eventually find love, and you define success in your own special way.

To me, my writing and my ability to capture images is not a talent or skill that is mine to keep, it's nothing more than an invisible passion that's fueled by inspiration and luck--propelled by my desire to share with those who appreciate and understand the complexity of our world.

Through my travels, 2008 marked a defining year for me. Traversing thru twelve countries, some more than once--and an untrackable number of cities, my life has been blessed by the people and places that define what it means to be human, to be alive.


SearchingSoul said...

What a nicely-worded blog indeed! I can feel the fiber of passion stringing all those "alphabetical harmony of thoughts" and transform them into a lyrical prose that satiates and leads the way of a searching soul.

I have found you from your post in Traveling Chemist's blog and I enjoyed your pictures and was completely smitten by your words.

Thanks you for sharing your thoughts and photos to the world.

Ron said...

Hi Searching Soul, thank you for your kind words on my blog. It means a lot to me. Sometimes, I wonder who reads this stuff...

And your blog is equaly impressive, I've become a follower as well!


John said...

Twelve countries! Woohoo... that is a lot, my friend. I had only been to 4, and that's already considered quite a lot for me.

I can understand how you feel. I had moments like you do too, when I just had to share with the world things that I see, things that I experienced, things that amazed me.

And hey, don't worry about if anyone is reading your blog. Good food attracts flies. So, like good food for the soul, it will, err... attract human flies.

DUTA said...

Your father was right. Mother-tongue is the greatest heritage one could pass on to his child. Any language one knows is a huge asset in Life.

Cheryl said...

Okay so I can't take a picture to save my life, but I can relate to the traveling and being a balance between east and west. It's the beauty of being a third culture kid.
This is really beautifully written, Ron.

Finding my way said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Your blog is just beautiful and your pictures are amazing.

Feel free to stop by anytime and bask in the glow that is my straws!

Ava said...

Very well said, Ron, finding oneself is important. Like many people did, I have “lost myself” after years of challenges in life. Given the time and space while working/living in Midland, I found myself and it was the greatest joy I have ever had so far.

Anonymous said...

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