Friday, December 12, 2008

Photos By: Ron
Honduras, Central America, 2008

A view looking up into the mountains from a rural village.

A little boy sits in the doorway enjoying the shade.

A family of six in rural Honduras

Going up a mountain road in Honduras.

A girl collects wood for cooking and heating.

A little boy standing guard.

An image of a boy running home, through drying clothes.


A boy and his dog.


DUTA said...

My 'Photo of Note" is the one with the girl carrying wood on her head. As a picture it's very good, but it makes me sad looking at it as it is obvious that this way of carrying wood could well endanger the girl's head.

Ron said...

Duta, in actuality, people in many countries of the world use thier head to carry things from one location to the next. This was very obvious in Ghana as well. It's amazing how they can balance everything...

John said...

Thanks for all these pictures, Ron. Now I know how a Honduran looks like... pretty much like a Mayan.

Diana Saw said...

Love the photos. I've never been to Honduras but your photos have inspired me to visit. Thanks for sharing Ron!
cheers from Cambodia,

Jay said...

"A boy and his dog" --- one of the best photographs I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...