Wednesday, December 3, 2008

California Dreamin'

Current Location: San Francisco, California/ 37°39′22″N 122°25′32″W

Sometimes, in the midst of flight, I close my eyes, dream, and within hours I'm in a whole new world--wondering if what I'm seeing is a mere fragment of my imagination. Being in America, meant being home--no matter where I'm at or what state I'm in. It means coming down. I'd always prefer being up. Up between the clouds, guided by air, propelled by the sheer will to dream. Life would be a lot easier if I stayed up.

Here in San Francisco, I'd walk the streets at night--my mind constantly focused on my next destination: Honduras. With every shop I pass, my nocturnal memory clicks in--a drug store would remind me of malaria pills, a travel agency equates to my flights. Weaving thru traffic, looking for adventure, I'd lose myself in the crowd. A school of girls with fruit colored drinks talk about plastic surgery and Christmas gifts. I'd see their lips move, look at their perfect lives and expensive jewelry. As I walk pass, I'd look down and see nothing but dirt on my boots from the last country I was at.

Walking thru a Walmart, Id' get lost. Too many aisles, too many choices. And when it was time to take my pick of which granola bar to bring, I'd close my eyes and pick in blindness. I've had them all and they're starting to all taste the same. Although, 'sweet and salty nuts' kinda caught my attention.

Tonight is my last night in San Francisco. My flight departs at midnight, leaving behind the glitz and glamor of California--and out to seek the adventures of being in a third world. Finally, some real emotions.