Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On The Edge of The World

I'm writing from a remote island off the cost of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Nias Island is home to over 700,000 residents, tribal and indiginous people alike. I've ventured thru some of the toughest terrain I've ever been thru, setting a new record for the number of times I'd wished I would've paid more attention to my physics teacher in highschool...wondering if our pick-up truck should really be going up that 50 degree embankment or not.

I'll be in Indonesia and Malaysia until March 12th, documenting stories on the rebuilding efforts of the worlds leading Non-Governmental Organizations in post tsunami Indonesia and Malaysia.

I wish I can post pictures, but there's only one internet connection on this whole island...and it's slower than trying to teach grampa how to look for porn on the world wide webby.

As for me, I'm feeling fine. I'm healthy...been drinking gallons and gallons (liters and liters for my Canadian readers) of water every day! And don't signs of death by diarrhea...knock on wood. But then again, I had Durrian fruit it if you don't know what it is. It smells like baby poop, but tastes amazing!

I love it out here! I get to wear the same clothes over and over again! I don't have to shower and I no one cares if you wear deodorant or not. I smell like a whopper with cheese! The cool thing is: we all smell the same! So no one can really say "hey, Ron, did you shower?" Nope, because I'll just deny it and they'll go sniffing the next guy! SUCKER!

Haven't really had to eat anything weird yet. Durrian fruit is probably the weirdest...but I like it so I guess it doesn't count as weird. Dinner last night consisted of two deep fried cat fishes off the side of the road. I ate it...devoured it...head and all! Even the whiskers were good!

Alright...I hope all this typing gets published when I hit the "publish" button to finally submit my first post from Indonesia. I hate it when internet explorer pops up saying "Windows Cannot Open This Page"...bastards! I'm getting dilarious...I've had little sleep lately as I've gone from one extreme to another...from the freezing Canadian snow to the tropic mosquito infested jungles of South East please bare with me.

I will be in Jakarta in two days. Hopefully I'll be able to recharge my batteries and recharge my soul. Will write again soon.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!

Nias Island, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia


DUTA said...

What about some surfing and diving, this is just the place for it. I bet you liked the tribal dances.

The Demigoddess said...

Hey Ron, I'm glad to hear you're fine. I can never eat Durian without pinching my nose. It smells more horrible than you described it.

Bon Don said...

Ooooh I love all the traveling I get to do with you!

Rahma said...

mosquito and all other tropical surprise you bought many lotion

Anonymous said...