Friday, April 24, 2009

Butt Hut

Dear Readers,
I've been on assignment lately in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan working on a top secret project that I cannot comment on. But, rest assured, that life for this lowly photog remains to be weird--wild--and whacky, as illustrated above. And NO, my top secret mission isn't on the Butt Hut.

Traveling thru America's back country is like traveling in a whole new world. Things are different here--way different! It's not your typical American-urban sprawl that you see on television. Instead, the atmosphere here is very Hillbilly'ish!

I'll post some photo's soon.
Have a great weekend everyone!



Small Footprints said...

LOL ... that got my imagination going! :)

BTW ... one of your comments is featured on my blog today. Here's the direct link:

Have a great weekend!

Small Footprints

TheChicGeek said... post, Ron :)
The Butt Hut and hillbillies...hmmmmm..LOL!
Have fun :D

floreta said...


that sign is awesome.

DUTA said...

Well, it's known that this area is mostly rural not urban, and that there are a lot of scandinavian descendants living here (especially of Finnish origin). Together with Indian and French descendants - it should make an interesting sort of community.

Bon Don said...

hahaha Oh Ron!! ... you now there are so many ways I can run with that!!

That's great!! It's my new wallpaper!

Dan Denardo said...

Dude, take my advice -- don't ever set foot in a place called the Butt Hut. I'm just sayin'...


Subhanjan said...

I am concerned. I pray safety and security for you in a top secret mission. I believe there are risks involved. Keep the cell number of your lawyer with you 24x7 so that you can call him up whenever you need to. And use as big a telephoto as you can. Do not go close to anyone. Also keep a gun in case you need it. And the license too.

Desert Rat said...

Butt Hutt?...Hillbilly-ish town?, NOOOOO, Come oooooon?

Sounds like my old town "Little Wussy"! Best wishes!

Ava said...

Can't help thinking ... who's the guy/gal who took your pictures (like this one in front of the Butt Hut) everywhere you go?

wow. said...

Heyyy, I live in Michigan nowww.
But not the upper part.

Sarah, The New Girl said...

hahaha nice.

hillbilly can have its charms. but I wouldn't step one toe into butt hut.

The Rambler said...

I can only imagine such a person who calls his business Butt Hut.


The Demigoddess said...

I wonder what you'll find in the Butt Hut.

Geek Girl said...

What?! Hey! It's wonderful up there! Say Hi to Lake Superior for me.

Ok... you are right, there are some scary parts up there.....well...lots... but so much natural beauty as well. Towering trees, crystal clear Superior, lake shore cliffs....peace and quiet.

Sorry, had to defend it. =)

Thanks for sharing so many great stories on your blog.

Anonymous said...