Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Welcome to Ronzworld! WTF!

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OK, so right now you're probably wondering where's the F? Like, what happened to the F? Or better yet, what the F?

Now, before we all get F'd up, let's calm down, breathe, and read carefully:

There eventually comes a time in a man's life when having a job means more to him than getting the 411 on a girl he met at a bar the previous night. You know, the kind of job that pays the bills, put fuel in my car and food in my belly. That kinda job.

The popularity of this blog has grown more than I had ever imagined. People started reading, writing back to me and before I knew it, I had Blogger Friends--even followers like Random Hiccups and BonDon and HillBilly and Demigoddess and D2 and ChicGeek and Young Traveler and Reduce FootPrints. Names you'd only see in personal ads--kinda scary if you ask me. But what surprised me even more is the effect this blog has had on my work life. Yes, work life! People at work began reading my blog! I'd go to meetings and people would ask me "Hey, where the F have you been?" I'd pretend not to know what they're talking about and say "huh?" They'd wink at me and whisper "we've been to your blog." Shit! Next thing I knew my boss was reading, too! Damn! It felt like I'd been caught with my pants down. And that's when I started to panic. That's when I had to re-think the F in my name. You know, in Where the F is Ron? The F part...? Yeah...

But don't get me wrong, taking the F out of where the F is Ron was not a decision based solely on my corporate morals--or lack of it--nope, it's much, much deeper than that.

You see, after a while the feeling of being rebellious fades off and slowly turns to weirdness. It felt great when I first came up with Where the F is Ron. In fact, it felt so good that I plastered it on my moms fridge! Too bad she doesn't know how to read or know what F stands for. But anyways, after a while, I felt weird telling people my blog address. For example: you're sitting there at dinner with some really nice people whom you've just met a few hours ago. They're executives, higher up people--and next thing you know they're making small talk with you. "Ron, where have you been, what have you done? blah blah blah." And then all of a sudden a light bulb goes off in your head and you thought of the perfect chance to mention your blog--you open your mouth to speak and as soon as it gets to the point where you mention the URL, you say "www.wherethe.....". All of a sudden you stop. And after a brief moment of silence so you can say your prayers, you continue,"where the F is Ron dot com, Sir." Man, you should see the look on their face!

You know how weird that feels? In a way it's cool, but in other ways, it's embarrassing!

So here's my solution: for all my discerning readers, those wishing for a more liberal approach to my blog, simply type And for those who live life on the edge, drink out of the carton and cross on yellow lights, you my friends can still type in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How F'in cool is that?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to wash my keyboard with soap.


Diana said...

Ron you are quite a character. That is why everyone loves to read your posts. I actually recommended one of my good friends to read your blog hah she is an aspiring photographer and journalist so I thought your blog would be an interest to her :)

Anyways, it's been awhile since I commented! Hope all is well! I don't really update anymore because I want to start a new blog this summer when I travel to Sydney! My reason for being the worse blogger ever hah. Well take care and keep up the great post !!

Bon Don said...

I love the F in where the F is Ron! It has a nice ring to it! :)

But I totally get it my friend! How do you think I feel about my blog name & title? Honestly!

I don't like that people at work caught wind of my blog either, I get really personal and silly, and i only let my "real" friends or BBF's in that world...for a minute I was thinking about going private because of the work thing, we'll see.

Love your Blog RoN!!!

Anonymous said...

Ron, I swear that you make me laugh so much when I read your posts. You have such a way with words ;-)

Subhanjan said...

I do not know you. I have never seen you. So probably I will never be asking "where the F are you?" Rather I am a little bit uncomfortable with the 'F' word. But what I want to see is your photography - commercial or non-commercial. Where will I get a chance to see that?

Random Hiccups said...

I have no problem with effing anything. So I'll continue to meet you right here. Where we met sooo long ago.

You stud muffin you.

Indrayani aka, Indi! said...

Oh god this was such an interesting read ROn...
I love both the names to be honest..
but where the F was more catching..
as in , I stumbled to your blog from other blogs and reason I read it was the "f" part..
I am like, this guy sounds interesting... lets check it...

well, atleast you got both the urls! which is f'ing great!!


Sarah, The New Girl said...

haha this post was pretty funny. I can see why everyone wants to read your blog!!! I'd be mortified if my boss found mine... but that's probably because I complain a little about my jobs :) congrats on the new domain name, very snazzy!

Hillbilly Duhn said...

I like the eff. Eff can be a stimulating colorful word that we add onto already exciting other words. I think I'll stick with the F.

This week, one could actually use - where the f is hillbilly duhn since I've been blog

TheChicGeek said... have me laughing and smiling again! I know what you mean about "the boss" reading your blog...LOL.
Now go wash that keyboard, Ron :)

You're the Best!!!!

The Demigoddess said...

Ronzworld. Catchy, Ron.You are one day going to rule the blogosphere.

floreta said...

you're funny. but F is so clever!! you know, like F stop??

its geeky.

i'll stick with it :)

Dan Denardo said...

It's a pain having responsibility, isn't it? I know exactly where you're coming from with regard to your "re-branding", Ron. I've found myself deleting a post or two because I decided it might be too edgy or mis-interpreted across cultures. In my case, I've found it's easy to wipe out a lot of good will with a few poorly chosen words...but that's just me. You're wise beyond your years, my friend.

The Rambler said...

Came over from Demigoddess.

Great blog.

Anonymous said...